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Amazonia strives to create the world's most delicious Raw Protein and Raw Nutrition products.

EHPlabs OxyShred Ultra Thermogenic and OxyWhey Lean Protein


Check out EHPlabs OxyShred Ultra Thermogenic, a potent thermogenic fat burner or try OxyWhey Lean Protein for a delicious, no carb, no sugar, whey protein. We stock all of EHPlabs great products.

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TEST FREAK® is one of the world’s most complete testosterone boosters available!

RIPPED FREAK® is a hybrid fat burner that combines multiple mechanisms of action in one unique formula that addresses key fat-loss mechanisms in the body.

Balance Sports Nutrition Products


Night Time

NEW! Maxine's Night Time slow release Low Carb Casein Protein blend.

Non-Stimulating Fat Burners and calming herbs to assist with a restful sleep.

Burn Fat and Tone while you Sleep!

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Amazonia Raw Nutrition Products

Amazonia is proud to be part of a global sustainable movement creating delicious and nourishing products with Australia Certified Organic status. All products are free from synthetic or refined ingredients and obtained by Fair Trade practices.

Please Call Stay Healthy Belmont at 08 9277 3839 for a complete list of Amazonia Nutritional Supplements

Raw Protein Isolate
Amazonia Raw Protein

Amazonia Raw Protein Isolate is the first organic, raw prebiotic protein that is dairy-free for premium bioavailability. This prebiotic protein is formulated for optimal absorption with the inclusion of Bio-fermented live protein.

Fermented Paleo Protein
Amazonia Raw Paleo Protein

Amazonia Raw Fermented Paleo Protein is a delicious and creamy pre-digested cultured protein, Certified Organic containing no dairy, wheat, GMO, Soy or nuts. This formula is gentle on the digestive system. Vegan and grain-free.

Raw Greens
Amazonia Raw Greens

Raw Prebiotic Greens by Amazonia has been created to enhance energy and assist detoxification. A delicious formula that contains highly nutritious sprouts, leaves, juices, grasses, algae, herbs and natural sea mineral created with a unique low temperature process to preserve the enzymes.

Organic Cacao
Amazonia Raw Organic Cacao

Australian Certified Organic Cacao is 86 % Raw, unrefined Ecuadorian Cacao blend. This product is sustainably harvested and Fair Trade Cacao. No Additives, Refined sugar, GMO, Corn syrup, Soy or Dairy.

Organic Coconut
Amazonia Raw Organic Coconut

This product a sustainably harvested and Fair Trade coconut that is Australian Certified Organic. Raw and unpasteurised to retain nutrients. No Additives, Refined Sugar, GMO, Corn syrup, Soy or Dairy.

Organic Espresso
Amazonia Raw Organic Espresso

A smooth and full -bodied Green Coffee Bean with the creamy outer cherry fruit. The highest quality Certified Organic coffee that is sustainably and Fair Trade harvested.

Raw Immune
Amazonia Raw Immune

Amazonia Raw immune is a unique superfood formula designed with a full spectrum of Vitamin C to support the body's natural immunity. Alkalising and Vegan, this product contains Ginger, Rosehip, Echinaea, Tumeric, Noni and Acerola. Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, lactose, gluten and GMOs.

Organic Acai
Amazonia Organic Acai

Freeze-Dried Acai, Certified Organic and Fair Trade, grown and harvested in the Amazonia rainforest. A premium grade acai pulp made here in Australia by using a gentle freeze-drying process.

Acai Capsules
Amazonia Acai Capsules 60s

Acai Capsules. Easy to take and Certified Organic. Acai berries are known to have a superior antioxidant value 42 times more than blueberries and 10 times that of spirulina.



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