EHPlabs is one of the most trusted and revolutionary nutritional supplement companies in the world.

EHPlabs OxyShred Ultra Thermogenic and OxyWhey Lean Protein


Check out EHPlabs OxyShred Ultra Thermogenic, a potent thermogenic fat burner or try OxyWhey Lean Protein for a delicious, no carb, no sugar, whey protein. We stock all of EHPlabs great products.

PharmaFreak Test Freak and Ripped Freak Sport Supplements



TEST FREAK® is one of the world’s most complete testosterone boosters available!

RIPPED FREAK® is a hybrid fat burner that combines multiple mechanisms of action in one unique formula that addresses key fat-loss mechanisms in the body.

Balance Sports Nutrition Products


Night Time

NEW! Maxine's Night Time slow release Low Carb Casein Protein blend.

Non-Stimulating Fat Burners and calming herbs to assist with a restful sleep.

Burn Fat and Tone while you Sleep!

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Trust your family. Trust EHPlabs.

EHPlabs founded in 2011, is dedicated to developing and producing the best and most effective health and fitness nutritional supplements. Their flagship product, OxyShred has become one of the world's most successful and trusted nutritional products on the market.

Please Call Stay Healthy Belmont at 08 9277 3839 for a complete list of EHPlabs products.

OxyShred fat burning thermogenic from EHPlabs

OxyShred created by EHPlabs is a scientifically researched potent fat burning thermogenic designed to stimulate your body's fat receptor cells. While boosting your metabolism, OxyShred promotes an increased level of fat cell break-down providing the extra benefits of a natural boost of energy and immunity.

OxyWhey Lean Protein
OxyWhey Lean Protein from EHPLabs

OxyWhey is a 100% lean whey protein powder with virtually NO cholesterol, carbs, lactose, or sugars. OxyWhey is formulated to promote lean muscle growth. Ideal for a post workout protein shake providing 24 grams of lean protein per serving.

CREA-8 Creatine
CREA-8 pure creatine monohydrate from EHPlabs

CHEA-8 from EHPlabs, is a pure creatine monohydrate. Creatine is a combination of three amino acids, glycine, arginine, and methionine. Studies at EHPlabs suggest that the use of creatine monohydrate increases fat free mass, anaerobic strength and power.

BUZZ Pre-Workout
BUZZZ Pre-Workout supplement from EHPlabs

BUZZ by EHPlabs is one of the latest break-throughs in pre-workout supplements. BUZZ prepares you mentally and physically to help focus your mind on a great workout with loads of energy. Say goodbye to those lazy days at the gym.

Beyond BCAA
Beyond BCAA branched chain amino acid formula developed by EHPLabs

Beyond BCAA is a scientifically developed product with branched chain amino acids formulated with the optimum proven 2 :1 :1 ratio of the three amino acids leucine, iso-leucine and valine. Combined with Taurine for natural energy production, Tyrosine, Vitamin C, Citulline Malate, Alpha HICA, and Full Spectrum Vitamin-B plus Electrolytes.

Acetyl L-Carnitine
EHPlabs Acetyl L-Carnitine pure pharmaceutical grade supplement

EHPlabs Acetyl L-Carnitine is a pharmaceutical quality supplement that has not been artificially flavoured or coloured. Recommended as a "stack" product, try mixing with the EHPlabs Beyond BCAA, OxyShred, or BUZZ.



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